Release notes

Adam HA
Smile P1

3.7.5 (beta)

– Refactored maximum_boiler_setpoint handling, fixing issues where the setpoint changed without explicit user instruction.
– Reworked OpenTherm polling, now much more gracefully handles slaves supporting only a few variables.
– Includes HTML Interface 5.10.98
. Fixed heatpump and flame icon for latest Aurea hybrid heatpump.



– Transmit room_setpoint and room_temperature more steadily to RoomSetpointRegulatingBoilers.
– While carrying out ZigBee OTA, reduce other network tasks to a minimum.
– Implemented fast discovery for the Aqara plug.
– Fixed various rare crash conditions.



– Possible workaround for issue where maximum boiler temperature moved to 30 degrees for no discernible reason.
– Updated HTML Interface to v5.10.75



Changes w.r.t. Smile OT 3.7.1:
– Fixed bug where some App encryption keys could cause DB not to be loadable anymore.
– Fixed bug where an unreachable ZigBeeCoordinator did not imply unreachable ZigBeeNodes.
– Updated HTML Interface to v5.10.65
. Dynamic vendor_name for permit join.
. Translated all remaining German strings.



– Fixed bug where an Appliance without a Module attached still in a heating zone caused a crash in the regulation.
– The remotecontrol daemon is now restarted on IP address change.
– Fixed bug where remotecontrol daemon restart stalled Core.
– Red LED now blinks a bit less often when pressing black button.
– After restart now uploads more promptly to Cloud.
– Updated HTML Interface to v5.10.59.
. Fixed graph translations.
. Added HeatingSettings graph.
. Added guards to prevent blank pages.
. Added boiler pressure in boiler settings and graph.
. Removed boiler year and installation date.
. Added hover states for buttons.
. Improved form fields styling.
. Improved graphs styling and increased size.
. Lower boiler graph now shows difference between boiler and DHW.
. Scan networks button above dropdown list.
. Added list with unsupported modules that allows them to be removed.


– Now includes the WLAN MAC address in the Gateway XML.
– Fixed bug where logs weren’t always updated when values don’t change much.
– Fixed bug where the OpenTherm fault codes weren’t handled completely.
– Fixed bug where the polling of an absent OpenThermBoiler made the core too busy to report its absence.
– Fixed bug where the maximum_boiler_temperature didn’t always have a setpoint.
– Fixed bug where an initial DHW setpoint wasn’t always provided.
– Fixed various bugs where nils occurred in XML output.
– Fixed bug where UUIDs weren’t always correctly loaded, causing seemingly corrupt databases.
– Fixed bug where the zone heating state wasn’t refreshed on regulation zone topology changes.
– Fixed bug where the zone control state was sometimes set to nil.
– Fixed bug where bits in the master_slave_status unused by Adam were preserved from past OTThermostats, potentially blocking the boiler from functioning.
– Fixed bug where old Notifications weren’t always deleted.
– Fixed issue where SSHRelay connection was not correctly killed though it should be, leading to a lot of unnecessary Cloud traffic.
– If the regulatory WiFi country was not yet set, set it to NL.
– When setting geolocation, now returns 503 when weather service cannot be reached.
– Improved heatpump support in general, streamlining a lot of code related to both Elga and Loria.
– Implemented Loria v2.
– Added support for the Aurea Hybrid Add-On.
– Removed obsolete Cloud events.
– Updated HTML Interface to version 5.10.32.
– Refactored RC daemon:
– Removed the configuration file; configuration is now always provided by Core on-the-fly, and Core persists the encryption keys.
– Removed obsolete code.
– Pulled forward dependencies.
– Improved logging, particularly on error.


– Fixed issue where Core DBs could never be loaded if a UUID had been generated that could be interpreted as a hexadecimal number through a bug in our YAML loader.
– Fixed bug where an Adam with an previously connected OpenThermBoiler would never find out anything about a more recently connected OpenThermThermostat.
– Fixed many issues where nil values occurred throughout our API.
– Fixed many issues where the zone control_state would revert to being absent.