Release notes

Adam HA
Smile P1


– Fixed bug where corrupt telegrams could lead to large numbers of deleted Modules and other objects cluttering up the database and slowing down the system to a crawl.
– Fixed bug where old Notifications weren’t always deleted.
– Spread Cloud load more evenly, triggering upgrades more gradually throughout the night.
– Also trigger upgrades during daytime once weekly.
– Fixed bugs where LED patterns could interfere with one another.
– Fixed bug where SSHRelay did not correctly kill itself when defunct.
– Updated HTML Interface to version 5.10.19.


– Added ‘Data export’ feature to the settings menu.


– Fixed bug where Appliances and Locations were not correctly configured on a clean start or database reset.


– Set a default meter ID and tariff if it is not present in the telegram.
– Allow telegram to pass through even without CRC.