Release notes

Adam HA
Smile P1

4.4.3 (beta)

– Tweaked three-phase voltage and current logging to allow fast subhour graphs and slower week-based graphs.
– Includes HTML Interface 5.10.98.


– Fixed bug where some App encryption keys could cause DB not to be loadable anymore.
– Fixed bug where 3-phase meter directionality was the wrong way around.
– Updated HTML Interface to v5.10.75.
. Added three phases electricity and voltage on meter tab
. Improved costs tab with adding a graph, time selector and costs table
. New tooltip in costs tab allows to hover everywhere and see all values of the same x-value.
. Added checkmark for time selector
. Translated all remaining German strings


– Fixed bug where remotecontrol daemon restart stalled Core.
– Red LED now blinks a bit less often.
– After restart now uploads more promptly to Cloud.
– Updated HTML Interface to v5.10.59.
. Added guards to prevent blank pages
. Added hover states for buttons
. Improved form fields styling
. Improved graphs styling and increased size
. Scan networks button above dropdown list
. Fixed graph translations
. TimeWindowSelector styling changed to segmented buttons
. Smart meter settings and tariff pages now have grey background


– Fixed bug where DSMR electricity point log migration couldn’t go through.
– Gateway reset function now much easier to trigger by button.
– Now includes the WLAN MAC address in the Gateway XML.
– Fixed bug where logs weren’t always updated when values don’t change much.
– Fixed various bugs where nils occurred in XML output.
– Fixed bug where UUIDs weren’t always correctly loaded, causing seemingly corrupt databases.
– Fixed bug where old Notifications weren’t always deleted.
– If the regulatory WiFi country was not yet set, set it to NL.
– When setting geolocation, now returns 503 when weather service cannot be reached.
– Fixed bug where URL list wasn’t synchronized if time was set incorrectly during production.
– Updated HTML Interface to v5.10.51


– Fixed bug where corrupt telegrams could lead to large numbers of deleted Modules and other objects cluttering up the database and slowing down the system to a crawl.
– Fixed bug where old Notifications weren’t always deleted.
– Spread Cloud load more evenly, triggering upgrades more gradually throughout the night.
– Also trigger upgrades during daytime once weekly.
– Fixed bugs where LED patterns could interfere with one another.
– Fixed bug where SSHRelay did not correctly kill itself when defunct.
– Updated HTML Interface to version 5.10.19.


– Added ‘Data export’ feature to the settings menu.


– Fixed bug where Appliances and Locations were not correctly configured on a clean start or database reset.


– Set a default meter ID and tariff if it is not present in the telegram.
– Allow telegram to pass through even without CRC.