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Save energy for companies

Energie besparen voor bedrijven

Simply save on energy within your company? Than Plugwise has thé solution for you. Immediate insight into your energy usage within your company, easy and transparent via your smartphone, tablet or computer. Devices such as computers, printers, copying machines, TV screens, all use small amounts of energy in the standby mode, even when you think that they are turned ‘off’. And air conditioners and lamps stay often unnecessarily on. This unnoticed energy consumption will add up.

With Plugwise you can save up to 30% on energy within your company. Plugwise provide you namely with insight into the energy usage per device, per room and per building. Besides, you can switch devices with time schedules, reducing your standby consumption to zero. Please feel free to consult our staff without any obligation and start saving today on energy costs within your company.

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Dennis Huizer

Dennis Huizer

Sales Manager at Dometic

Dometic is market leader in the field of absorption refrigeration technology and its many applications. As Sales Manager I am responsible for amongst others the sale of minibars to hotels. The energy usage thereof is an important consideration in this respect. However we notice that in the market there is a lot of difference between theory and practice of the energy usage at different brands. Until recently we tested various models in our own TÜV certified room in order to demonstrate that not every supplier complies with the legal EUP provisions. Nonetheless, on paper it remains a struggle against an energy label. With Plugwise we can immediately show the customer what the difference is in energy consumption between our models and those of our competitor. The entrepreneur directly sees the difference in his own company and can convert the outcome in daily cost saving during the productive life. A little while ago, in a hotel with 32 rooms, we proved after only a week that it could save them more than € 1800, - per year compared to the competitor! In addition, we can estimate the installation much better; a lot of energy usage means that the situation is not good and that the life span is being jeopardized.