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How to save on energy

Whether you are at home or at the office, everywhere there are appliances which use a lot of energy. Well, how can you save on energy? Do you have to immediately buy new, energy-saving devices or can you save energy by using these appliances differently? The major problem is often that no one has any idea where all the energy is going to and as long as it remains unclear which appliances at home or in the office are the large energy consumers, you cannot take any measure.

Measuring = knowing, switch, economize

Measuring = knowing

The Plugwise equipment provides you with the possibility to obtain insight into your energy usage via a smartphone, a tablet or a pc. Insight is possible at main level (by simply making your total electricity and gas usage transparent), but it is also possible at device level. Almost every device has a standby function which also uses power. All that unnoticed energy usage has an enormous impact. Up to 30% of the electricity usage at home or in the office is wasted in this way. Also, devices are often left on, even when they are not used. With the Plugwise equipment you can see exactly how much energy you really use, when you use it and for which purpose. This knowledge allows you to make smart choices which will generate the largest possible energy saving, without compromising on living comfort.


Once your energy usage has become transparent, you know exactly how much electricity each device uses when it is turned on, but also when in standby mode. Subsequently, you can easily set up a switching scheme for a certain device or for a certain group of devices. You can switch off the device when not in use, but you can also automatically switch it on if necessary. Furthermore, at a press of a button you can switch a device on or off via the app on your smartphone, tablet, or pc/ laptop


Intelligent switching can provide for up to 40% in savings on your energy costs. Devices and lightning don’t need to be left on unnecessarily, you can switch them automatically on or off at any desired moment. Maximum comfort while at the same time saving substantially on energy, who doesn't want that? Of course, there are a few of measures you can take to use energy more efficiently. To help you get started with saving, Plugwise has compiled a list for you with free energy saving tips

Start saving on energy

Free tips to start saving energy at home

  1. Saving energy while sleeping (€100,- per year)

    When you leave the house for a longer period (from a few hours) or when you go to sleep, put the heating at 15° C.

  2. Saving energy while cooking (€60,- per year)

    Use pans which are not larger than necessary. Do not use a lot of water and put a lid on pans during cooking. (savings per year: € 33,- when cooking on gas and € 60,- when cooking electrically)

  3. Water saving showerhead (€54,- per year)

    Install a water saving showerhead. In this way you will save on water and on gas.

More free energy saving tips