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A smart home

Every home has a printer, one or more TV’s, a coffee machine, washing machine, multiple laptops or computers and a audio - and DVD/Blu-ray system. These are all devices with standby mode that consume small amounts of energy, even if you think they are “off”. All that unmarked energy consumption mounts up. Devices are also often on whilst not in use. Up to 30 percent of electricity consumption in the home is wasted in this way.

Plugwise is the platform that allows you to manage the energy consumption in your home. The strength of Plugwise is that our platform provides insight into your energy consumption, at device level. This shows you exactly how much energy you actually consume, when and where, allowing you to make smart choices generating optimum energy savings, without compromising on comfort.

A smart home, without the loss of comfort

Saving energy is easy with our practical energy monitoring and control systems. The Plugwise system allows you to see at a glance how much energy you consume at home, when and where. At any time of the day, wherever you are. On your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Discover the Plugwise system

The Plugwise system works everywhere, no matter who is your energy provider. If you move to another place, you simply take your Plugwise system with you and continue to save energy.