Tom firmware update

We are constantly analyzing and improving our products. In the past period we have been able to test at a number of customers who have a large network and connected devices. Partly thanks to these projects, we were able to run various analyzes that revealed a number of points for improvement.

What have we improved?

  • Calibration free, no calibration is needed anymore! Tom does this automatically from now on. You no longer have to worry if the Tom is properly adjusted, just plug it in and heat it up!
  • Battery consumption, the battery life has doubled in most cases! By improving communication between Adam and Tom, the battery life has improved significantly.
  • Wireless communication with Adam, it now knows when Tom wakes up from sleep mode on batteries. Tom says “Hello” and Adam answers. Better communication ensures an even tighter regulation, even on batteries!

We find it important to constantly work on improvements to our product and to make the Tom as user-friendly as possible. That is why we would also like to hear what you are still missing from the Tom radiator knob. We include your feedback in the areas for improvement and do our best to address this.

Mail to with your feedback.

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