Plugwise zone control

One system for all zones and all systems.
More comfort, more savings.

Predictive multi-zone control.

Where most thermostats are intended to keep one room at the right temperature, the Plugwise zone control was developed from the idea of keeping different rooms (zones) at a desired temperature. The influence of zones in relation to each other is also included in determining the correct boiler temperature and the amount of heat that goes to each zone.


If a zone is heating it can affect the zone next to it. The Plugwise zone control learns how much influence zones have on each other.

Schedule per zone

Each zone can have its own schedule. Multiple zones can also share a schedule. For example, you can heat the bedrooms later and for a shorter time.

Not dependent on outside temperature, but truly weather dependent.

When it comes to weather-dependent control, it is actually always control based on the outside temperature: The boiler temperature is determined as a linear function of the outside temperature, and then continues to heat continuously. With the Plugwise zone control, continuous heating is unnecessary: the control knows the desired temperature in each zone, and therefore also knows when to use or not to heat. In addition, the zone control takes into account several weather factors such as wind, sun and even the weather forecast.

Weather forecast

The Plugwise zone control looks up to 72 hours ahead of the weather forecast to be able to anticipate changing temperatures. This means that (pre) heating can be done in time to reach or maintain the optimum temperature. Conversely, heating can be stopped earlier if it is going to be a warm day.


Wind can cool a home or office. This can have a significant effect, especially in a corner house or detached house. The Plugwise zone control learns how much influence the wind direction and wind speed have on a zone. This zone will then be heated earlier and/or be heated more.

Heat from the sun

The sun can heat up a room. The Plugwise zone control calculates how much influence the sun has per zone and takes this into account when heating up. This way you save energy.

Outside temperature

If it is very cold outside, your home or office will cool down faster. The Plugwise zone control learns how much influence the outside temperature has on each zone.

Heating behavior of heat/cold source

How much heat can the heat source provide and how fast? The Plugwise zone control learns the behavior of the heat source in order to heat and cool the zones as well and efficiently as possible.

This goes a lot further than just tuning in to the outside temperature or to a schedule. The Plugwise zone control is one of the few in the market that takes into account all factors that influence the efficient and comfortable heating of your home or office.

One control for everything.

Is there underfloor heating, radiators, convectors or electric / IR heating? The Plugwise zone control can control all these heating types, even if a mix of these is present. The Adam HA works in conjunction with OpenTherm and on/off boilers, heat pumps and district heating. Does the heating source have no thermostat input? Then the Adam HA can be used as a readjustment/post regulation.

Save with ease

By heating smarter at the right times in different zones, you can easily save up to 30% on heating costs. And that without loss of comfort.

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Most homes use a single thermostat. This not only heats the living room, but also all other open rooms. Although not every room needs heat at that moment. Consider, for example, the bedroom, which only needs to be at the right temperature when you go to bed. With a zone control, each room is automatically heated at the right time.

Offices and schools

A common problem in offices is that heating is also carried out on weekends with an outside temperature-dependent regulation. And that while there is no one in the office. In addition, rooms are heated that are not always in use.

Easy to use

Setting up the Plugwise zone control is very simple. From the very first moment, the control automatically learns the characteristics of the zones and of the boiler or heat pump. If you also enter your zip code, the weather information is automatically retrieved from a weather station in the area. It’s that simple.



There are 3 heating profiles to choose from: more savings or more comfort.


An optimal balance between comfort and savings. For most situations, this profile saves enough with enough comfort.


This will save you the most. Preheating takes place longer with lower water temperatures. The zone temperature may deviate somewhat more from the set temperature.


If you want to get warm quickly, a higher water temperature is used. That is a bit less efficient.


Suitable for houses with a few rooms and buildings with tens of rooms. The Plugwise system has no limits. There is a limit of up to 80 devices and 80 devices per zone. With more devices you just add an extra Adam HA. All devices communicate with each other via a wireless zigbee mesh network and can therefore forward messages from each other. This means that every room can be reached, regardless of the distance.

up to


devices per Adam HA

up to


devices per zone

Unlimited Adam HA per building

Heating and cooling

Do you have a heat pump that can also cool? Then there is cooling when it is too hot. The Plugwise zone control can do both. Set the zone control to cooling and depending on your heat pump, also switch on cooling.



* Cooling is only supported if you have a heat/cold source that can cool. Automatic switching between cooling and heating is only supported for Elga and Loria heat pumps.


Heat pump integration

Adam works with every heat pump. For two heat pumps, we worked with the manufacturer to add additional functions.


See if the Elga or the boiler is on when heating. Also view the position of the dip switches, operating status, error codes, water temperatures and modulation level. Adjust the heating curve and shutdown conditions.


View supply – return temperatures, modulation level, hot water temperature and the additional electrical heat supply. Turn on cooling to put the Loria/Thermastage in cooling mode.

* Support is activated by default if the Adam or Anna is purchased through Techneco/Remeha or Thercon. For other Adam’s and Anna’s this support can be purchased through this website.

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