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  • Plugwise and NLE are introducing Anna

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“Full control without any effort: a carefree, sustainable and affordable household and office”.
Plugwise provides insight into your energy consumption and helps you reduce your power bills fast. Plugwise measures, knows, switches and saves. Identify the main power guzzlers and switch them off automatically when they are not in use.

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Now available: Anna 230V

Now available: Anna 230V

01 28 2016

Anna is developed so that she can communicate with the majority of the heating systems in the Netherlands. With Anna 230V the support of various boilers is further expanded.

Unlike many thermostats Anna is able to work properly with the OpenTherm protocol. And for connecting to heating systems using an on/off signal (24V,1A). Now with the arrival of Anna 230V it is also possible to connect to heating systems  using an on/off signal till 230V (till 5A).

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