Adam HA

Adam HA

Quickly create a schedule that fits your lifestyle or increase the heater from your couch. It has never been so easy to control your thermostat.

Adam HA
  • Facilitates a daily temperature schedule.
  • Easy to operate via the Plugwise Home app & web page.
  • Does not relay unsolicited data to third parties.
  • Handy for the whole family.
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Product information

What is it?

Are you fond of your old & familiar thermostat? Then make your existing OpenTherm thermostat smart with Adam. This allows you to easily create schedules and remotely control your thermostat. That's still twice as clever.

The Plugwise Home app & webpage gives you access to all functionalities and all the insight you need to manage your comfort in your own home and to achieve your savings goals. Prevention means savings. With your consent, the installer receives automatic updates regarding the status of the heating and can monitor your boiler remotely.

Adam translates all your temperature requirements as a resident into concrete actions for the boiler. It also takes readings from the boiler, giving you and the installer important insights into energy performance. As a result, problems and unnecessary maintenance are avoided and performance is maximised.


How does it work?

You connect Adam to the wires on your existing boiler. By connecting Adam to the local network (WiFi or LAN), you can also control the temperature in your home via the web environment.

With the right knowledge or if you manage the boiler system yourself, you can control it yourself. However, we recommend that you always use a recognised installer, even if for no other reason than that he will be more familiar with the possibilities open to you with the boiler gateway.

Installation in 4 steps:

  1. Connect your Plugwise zone heating products with Adam HA.
  2. Install the boiler gateway to the existing cables between the boiler and the thermostat.
  3. Connect the boiler gateway to the network (WiFi/LAN). No need, but it’s handy Connect the Qupit boiler gateway to the WiFi using the handy connect-app.
  4. Download the Plugwise Home app.

* The connect app is currently only available for Android. Your installer is prepared for that.

What does it work with?

Works with OpenTherm and on/off protocol (max 24V AC/DC) on the following systems:

  • Boiler.
  • Heat pump.
  • Hybrid heat pump (eg Elga).
    Advanced Elga support for heating can be turned on for a fee of 50 euros. Please contact
  • District heating with or without main valve.