With Floor you no longer have to arrange the entire house at one temperature and you can easily set the desired temperature for a specific room. This can be done according to schedule, or manually via the Plugwise Home app or with Lisa.



  • Fits almost every floor heating distributor.
  • Regulates the radiator or floor heating constantly for a stable room temperature.
  • Enables heating zones with their own schemes.
  • Powered via a USB adapter.
  • Operable via the Plugwise Home app or Lisa.
  • Is controlled by Adam.
  • Communicates wirelessly according to the open ZigBee standard "Home Automation 1.2" (HA 1.2).
  • Is childishly easy to operate.
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Product information

Suitable for underfloor heating

Due to its narrow and sleek design Floor is perfect for underfl oor heating distributors with a center distance of 50mm or larger. This makes Floor suitable for almost every distributor.

Install a Floor on each group and connect them in the Plugwise Home app per room to make it a zone. From that moment on, customized comfort is possible. Consider, for example, you want the baby room at 17 °C, the living room at a comfortable 20 °C, and the empty guest room at a high enough 14 °C.


How does it work?

Floor is suitable for almost all radiators where the existing radiator valve can be disassembled as well for underfloor heating distributors. Floor is equipped with an M30x1.5mm adapter ring. In addition two adapter rings are supplied for the two other most common connections M28x1.5mm and the Danfoss RA connector.

Power supply via adapter

  • Acts as a ZigBee router.
  • Is always 'online' and continuously communicates with other ZigBee modules.
  • Strengthens the signal and the quality of the ZigBee network.