You need Tom. It means you no longer need to set the whole house at the same temperature, and you can easily set the temperature you want for a specific room. You can do that according to a schedule, or manually via the Plugwise app. Soon, Adam will also support this product.



  • Constantly adjusts the radiator for a stable room temperature.
  • Enables heating zones with their own schemes.
  • Works on batteries or via an adapter.
  • Communicates according to the open ZigBee standard "Home Automation 1.2" (HA 1.2).
  • Is childishly easy to operate.
  • Is controlled by Home Automation Gateways, such as Adam, Homey and Smart Life.
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Product information

What is it?

With Tom you only heat where you need to and no higher than you need to. If you have a fire place going or of the sun is shining on the windows, the Qupit radiator valve takes that into account. So you can soon save 15% on your heating costs.

Install the Tom radiator valve on every radiator and you finally have customised comfort.

For example, you might want your baby’s room to be at 17°C, the living room feels good at 20°C, but 14°C is warm enough for your empty guest room.


How does it work?

The Qupit radiator valve is suitable for almost all radiators with a removable radiator valve. The radiator valve is fitted with a M30x1.5mm adapter ring. Standard adapter rings are included for the other two most common connectors M28x1.5mm and the Danfoss RA connector.

Know that adapter rings are available for almost all other radiator connectors. Your installer will know all about this.

Adapter vs batteries

The Qupit radiator valve requires a power supply. This can be with batteries (which last for a minimum of a year), or via a mains-powered adapter. The radiator valve operates differently depending on which power supply you choose.

Power supply via adapter

  • Acts as a ZigBee router.
  • Is always 'online' and continuously communicates with other ZigBee modules.
  • Strengthens the signal and the quality of the ZigBee network.

Power supply via batteries

  • Acts as a ZigBee end device.
  • Has an energy-saving sleep mode so the batteries last longer.